Condensing thousands of years of eastern teachings into a few discount phrases for the jaded western hero.

Gender neutrality has been skiing uphill for so many years and just when you think the slope will plateau to generate real progression, in walks Hollywood

After leaving the cinema in 2015 having just watched the shiny new Jurassic World film with my family, I said, ‘Well, that was shit. That literally just put storytelling back 25 years.’ Which is an obvious embellishment, that also happens to be true. But what was more interesting was how my sister replied. ‘Sure,’ she said, ‘but it also put feminism back 25 years.’

Source: Universal Pictures Amblin Entertainment, Jurassic Park, 1993.

Much discussion and biting, rapier critique of Jurassic World’s high-heel wearing, T-rex dodging, morally bankrupt female ‘main character’ later and I realised that not only were we both lamenting the same issue — because, without great…

In a rush to create a memorable character everyone thinks they have to design a deluge of eccentric characteristics and quirky flaws. Stoner is the antidote to this, proving the remarkable can lie in the unremarkable.

Source: New York Review Of Books, 2003, The reissued cover

It’s 1 am. I’ve just finished reading Stoner, John Williams’ posthumous classic for the second time. I can’t sleep. How can I knowing I’ve been touched so heartily by a character who now exists more in my soul than in those tender pages which reveal his broken but wholesome life? For that’s the true achievement of Stoner, the deft creation of a character who defies comparison with his gentle ordinariness and manages to burrow his way into your heart nonetheless.

Occasionally when you consume a story you’re invested in the character’s lives, in their journeys, so much so you walk…

One episode in and Loki shows why after thirteen years, Marvel can still feel fun, imaginative, and fresh

Source: Marvel/Disney

Light spoilers ahead

Loki was always going to be a different type of show, a Marvel Cinematic curveball if you will. After all, its titular character is an adopted heir to a throne that no longer exists who enjoys wreaking havoc as much as pulling the rug from under you and then saving the day just… because. All in all, Loki has the potential to be one of the most fascinating character stories in the MCU. And very much to my relief, this seems exactly what the show is interested in.

Wait, shouldn't that be obvious? A show called Loki…

Zombies in Vegas — Come for the entertainment, stay for the…

Source: Netflix

After ‘watching’ this film, my mind conjures images of the Netflix boardroom as they wrestle with the idea for a Zombie movie.

Executive: We want to make a Zombie movie with a twist.

Assistant: What twist is that?

Executive: Excess! You know, over-the-top zombie horde levels of fun that’s set somewhere so excessive it’ll be like Vegas on Crack! Wait a minute…Crack!

Assistant: OR we set it in Vegas, boss?

Executive: Genius! But who should we get to direct something so over the top, bullet heavy and intellectually vacant as…oh you know what, the answer’s already in my —


It’s beyond terrible, and somehow still not even the worst Shyamalan has to offer

Source: Universal Pictures, Glass Promotional Poster

Sometimes Hollywood films are fun because of how great they are. Other times they’re fun because of the disaster they turn into. And then there’s a rare film that is so bad it’s not fun for any reason, no matter how desperately it tries. Glass, M. Night Shyamalan’s attempted sequel to Unbreakable and Split, is undoubtedly one of the latter.

Now, Split was a film I could watch again. McAvoy’s brilliant multi-performance is given room to breathe in the contained thriller, and when he’s paired with Taylor-Joy, the two form a unique blend of predator and prey. …

Subtract the luxuries afforded by the second most expensive show ever and you have a message that strives for grandeur but forgets its footing.

Where to begin with a show that’s trying to be so much? With an adventure that travels to three continents, that features lab experiments, dance scenes, prison breaks, undercover operations, shield-spinning action, and all in one episode? With a show trying to say so much it has to spell out the final takeaway for the audience? Hell, how do I even begin to explore the issue of race in America as a white European writer?

We should probably start at the heart of the issue.


Just as Sam, the titular character was struggling with the high expectations from his predecessor’s…

I don’t know what fell harder, my expectations, the story, or the duo’s clunky chemistry.

Source: Disney/Marvel Studios

*Warning: spoilers ahead*

I’m furious. Two episodes into The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and I already feel like my favourite characters are being dragged under a truck. Figuratively as much as literally.

Here’s a little context. It wasn’t my intent to write a review of each episode, I thought I’d write a series summary at the end and that would be that. But we’re only two episodes in and each minute has become stupider and more non-sensical that I’m left with little choice.

I distinctly remember being worried about this show when the first trailer dropped. It was action-heavy…

Thanks pal, yeah as I said it's definitely worth the watch, if for to see how all the drama played out and to compare it to the Theatrical Version. I think the cleverest review someone gave was borrowing from 10 Things I Hate About You, and said 'whelmed'.

It’s unbelievable this was made…and then you watch it.

Source: HBO Max/ Warner Bros.

How much would it take for a Hollywood Frankenstein to be reassembled, you ask? One deeply triggered fanbase, one trending hashtag, and one streaming service desperate enough to cough up the change (70 million dollars worth) and a pandemic that caused an entertainment starved marketplace. Put them together, and you’ve got the perfect climate for Justice League: The Snyder Cut, exploding onto HBO MAX and Sky around the world.

Part 1: Sorry, How Long?

Have you seen it? If not, fair warning, you’ll need to schedule it in your calendars in advance. As if to prove a point about overindulgence, the irony of which is…

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