Condensing thousands of years of eastern teachings into a few discount phrases for the jaded western hero.

Gender neutrality has been skiing uphill for so many years and just when you think the slope will plateau to generate real progression in mainstream storytelling, in walks Hollywood

After leaving the cinema in 2015 having just watched the shiny new Jurassic World film with my family, I said, ‘Well, that was shit. That literally just put storytelling back 25 years.’ Which is an obvious embellishment, that also happens to be true. But what was more interesting was how my sister replied. ‘Sure,’ she said, ‘but it also put feminism back 25 years.’

Source: Universal Pictures Amblin Entertainment, Jurassic Park, 1993.

Much discussion and biting, rapier critique of Jurassic World’s high-heel wearing, T-rex dodging, morally bankrupt female ‘main character’ later and I realised that not only were we both lamenting the same issue — because, without great…

In a rush to create a memorable character everyone thinks they have to design a deluge of eccentric characteristics and quirky flaws. Stoner is the antidote to this, proving the remarkable can lie in the unremarkable.

Source: New York Review Of Books, 2003, The reissued cover

It’s 1 am. I’ve just finished reading Stoner, John Williams’ posthumous classic for the second time. I can’t sleep. How can I knowing I’ve been touched so heartily by a character who now exists more in my soul than in those tender pages which reveal his broken but wholesome life? For that’s the true achievement of Stoner, the deft creation of a character who defies comparison with his gentle ordinariness and manages to burrow his way into your heart nonetheless.

Occasionally when you consume a story you’re invested in the character’s lives, in their journeys, so much so you walk…

I don’t know what fell harder, my expectations, the story, or the duo’s clunky chemistry.

Source: Disney/Marvel Studios

*Warning: spoilers ahead*

I’m furious. Two episodes into The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and I already feel like my favourite characters are being dragged under a truck. Figuratively as much as literally.

Here’s a little context. It wasn’t my intent to write a review of each episode, I thought I’d write a series summary at the end and that would be that. But we’re only two episodes in and each minute has become stupider and more non-sensical that I’m left with little choice.

I distinctly remember being worried about this show when the first trailer dropped. It was action-heavy…

Thanks pal, yeah as I said it's definitely worth the watch, if for to see how all the drama played out and to compare it to the Theatrical Version. I think the cleverest review someone gave was borrowing from 10 Things I Hate About You, and said 'whelmed'.

It’s unbelievable this was made…and then you watch it.

Source: HBO Max/ Warner Bros.

How much would it take for a Hollywood Frankenstein to be reassembled, you ask? One deeply triggered fanbase, one trending hashtag, and one streaming service desperate enough to cough up the change (70 million dollars worth) and a pandemic that caused an entertainment starved marketplace. Put them together, and you’ve got the perfect climate for Justice League: The Snyder Cut, exploding onto HBO MAX and Sky around the world.

Part 1: Sorry, How Long?

Have you seen it? If not, fair warning, you’ll need to schedule it in your calendars in advance. As if to prove a point about overindulgence, the irony of which is…

I’ll reserve too much judgment. WandaVision also had a slow opening and we all know how that developed

Source: Disney/Marvel Entertainment

Of the Marvel TV spin-offs, WandaVision was the first and boldest, Loki promises galaxy hopping mayhem and What If boasts scenarios to make us fans orgasm into oblivion. But what about Disney’s second adventure in The Falcon and Winter Soldier?

Already in its first episode, Falcon doesn’t tease the same ambition that WandaVisison so keenly executed; it’s not layered with mystery, wrapped up as a literal self-contained character study of grief with fantastical hand-waving elements peppered throughout. …

Another breakout show nobody is talking about but definitely should!

Source: Netflix, Into The Night

Imagine Lost, except they’re stuck on a plane trying to outrun the sun

That’s the high-concept premise and hook for Netflix’s 2020 hit, Into The Night. And right from the get-go, the show draws you in with its unending pace: there’s just something about a desperate looking man walking into an airport that keeps the audience on edge. For the next four hours, you never leave the brink of your seat — mostly because the characters are barely in them. I unintentionally binged this six-episode series and found my eyes glued to the screen like a teenager to social media.

The simple idea is that the sun has turned deadly for an unspecified…

The only good thing about this film is when it ends…and if you don’t get that far, you’ll be the envy of those who did.

Source: Netflix

The Midnight Sky? More like The Midnight Dry…….That was the worst dad joke ever and it still managed to be lightyears better than this meandering, pathetic, muddled, and surprisingly hollow space adventure now streaming on Netflix. I won’t waste people’s time talking too long about something that’s just not worth it; suffice it to say I’ll simply summarise why George Clooney’s new passion project doesn’t deserve more than five minutes let alone it’s two-hour run time.

The funny thing about this Sci-Fi bore is that it’s so down-to-earth it’s characters all want to leave it. And if they don’t, we…

Is there a reason Stephen King adaptations start well but fizzle before the ending?

Source: HBO

We’ve all been hooked by a Stephen King premise: A cast of innocent characters is beset by a terrifying entity and struggle to figure out the answers while escaping its grasp. It’s classic King and scares our socks off in most of his novels where we’re hiding under our bedcovers and looking at the mysterious dark space behind the door for the rest of the night. Yet, when it comes to adaption, the legendary writer’s stories have had trouble proving they can work as well on the silver screen.

You see, I don’t know the Stephen King books too well…

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