Gender neutrality has been skiing uphill for so many years and just when you think the slope will plateau to generate real progression, in walks Hollywood

Source: Universal Pictures Amblin Entertainment, Jurassic Park, 1993.

After leaving the cinema in 2015 having just watched the shiny new Jurassic World film with my family, I said, ‘Well, that was shit. That literally just put storytelling back 25 years.’ Which is an obvious embellishment, that also happens to be true. But what was more interesting was how…

Subtract the luxuries afforded by the second most expensive show ever and you have a message that strives for grandeur but forgets its footing.

Where to begin with a show that’s trying to be so much? With an adventure that travels to three continents, that features lab experiments, dance scenes, prison breaks, undercover operations, shield-spinning action, and all in one episode? With a show trying to say so much it has to spell out…

The frightening thing isn’t the film’s absence of quality but what it signals for the future streaming wars

Source: Amazon Studios, The Tomorrow Bore? Test audiences later confirmed this was not a sellable title.

When someone asks you if a film was good, you can usually sum it up in a few tidy sentences. The Tomorrow War is no exception. Handily, Ross from Friends has the perfect quote which, in all honesty, I’ve paraphrased slightly: “You know at the end of the day when…


Condensing thousands of years of eastern teachings into a few discount phrases for the jaded western hero.

In a rush to create a memorable character everyone thinks they have to design a deluge of eccentric characteristics and quirky flaws. Stoner is the antidote to this, proving the remarkable can lie in the unremarkable.

Source: New York Review Of Books, 2003, The reissued cover

It’s 1 am. I’ve just finished reading Stoner, John Williams’ posthumous classic for the second time. I can’t sleep. How can I knowing I’ve been touched so heartily by a character who now exists more in my soul than in those tender pages which reveal his broken but wholesome life…

A satisfying swansong to Daniel Craig’s uneven run as 007?

Source: No Time To Die, Curated by Michael G. Wilson

*Light spoilers ahead *

From exploding graves to explosive one-liners to exploded surprises and nuclear-sized explosions, there’s so much to say about Craig’s last film. At once, very Bond and at the same time very un-Bond. The film manages to tread new ground while recreating the moments fans know and…

A victimless list unless you’re fans of…

Source: The Lego Batman Movie, Warner Bros.

There’s no order here. These are simply the best 5 superhero films based on my expert, immaculate, infallible and infuriating opinion. Having said that if the nerd gods see fit to impose order, I suppose you could imply the rankings as they stand.

The only caveat of this selection is…

And Why Closure Is Important In Movies

Light spoilers for Dune (2021)

I was approaching the edge of my seat. My palms were sweaty. My heart was pounding. My eyes were bulging. I was so invested I was willing to throw myself in between hero and villain just to protect them…I had never known a cinema to…

Her debut turned swansong is fine, but should have focused on the present

Source: Marvel Studios, aren’t the Russian Posters Awesome!

Spoilers, Duh!

As Black Widow (2020–2021)chose to do, I’ll start with a preface. Now a lot of the following will be contentious but in my opinion and having seen her final adventure, I actually prefer how Black Widow was represented earlier on in the MCU timeline. Gasp! As I said…

A short rant about the God of Mischief’s first date with destiny

Source: Disney+ and Marvel Studios

Spoilers, Duh!

What’s most surprising about Loki is there’s actually not much to talk about. This sentence doesn’t always come with a connotation of a sad face emoji. It’s just that the series finale was, to put it mildly, anti-climactic. After building this huge reveal right from the beginning, fighting…

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